if2a authors and contact information

This is the contact page. It give details about the if2a authors and how to contact them.

David Gauchard aka Spooo


He is the man behind if2a so bow down to him! Without him, nothing would even exist (well, not entirely since Uli wrote f2a which if2a is based upon). He is the man behind the original if2a program. On the "revived" version, he pulled out the generic USB code that cleanly allows if2a to work on both 2.4 and 2.6 kernels. He also implemented cartridge autodetection, such a nice feature! Finally, he brought up and hosts the CVS that if2a is sheltered in. Thanks David ! He is also reachable on the Emuboards, PlayerAdvance and gbadev forums.

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Vincent Rubiolo aka Vince/Vinz


The bad guy behind the reverse-engineering of the F2A Ultra features. He stared at hex dumps for hours just to be proud to have a free software program for the Flash2Advance Ultra. He is in charge of everything related to Ultra functions. Also did some code cleanups and will write the GTK GUI (yet to come). He designed and wrote the new website. Can be found wandering around on the Emuboards, PocketHeaven, PlayerAdvance and gbadev forums.

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The if2a mailing list


You can reach a broader audience by sending mail to the if2a mailing list. The authors as well as other developers/porters are subscribed to it. This is a good alternative to the forums.

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The if2a board


This is another alternative: an experimental board for if2a only, one may try.


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